Dirty Minds is an ingeniously forward-thinking techno label born in Naples by its well-established father, Irregular Synth. Dirty Minds, so as its director and leader Irregular Synth, focuses all the attention on the dancefloor, delivering to the crowd what it simply wants tools for nothing else than mad dance through all colours and shapes of techno. From powerfully big room to dark industrial techno, Dirty Minds covers in the very best way every range where techno is defined through a big variety of leading guest artists such as label captain Irregular Synth, Dax J, Spiros Kaloumenos, Patrick DSP, Spektre, Cristian Varela, Dany Rodriguez.....just to name a few of the iconic and phenomenal artists who represent Dirty Minds. In simple words, Dirty Minds is all about techno. Dirty, pure, solid, straight-to-the point techno for your ears, soul and dirty minds only.